Linux Experts

Administration and service of Linux installations has been a core part of our business from the start. With over ten years of experience, we advise Linux as a consistent and reliable operating system for workstations, servers, phones and embedded solutions.


Have questions regarding the security of your website, internet connection or corporate network? We have extensive knowledge in securing your communications channels, be it phone, email, server setups, proxies, data connections or APIs.


Whether it be a VPS, a LAMP stack, a database server or a bare metal system, we can offer you sensible options to save time and complement your business. We can help you update, maintain or migrate existing systems.


We can help to adjust your current infrastructure to your specific needs. From computer access for people with impairments to solving problems in the workflow of your organisation or improving the performance of your website.


Need a corporate intranet or a document processing solution? We can deliver these features in a distribution tailored to your situation. We can provide secure private cloud solutions, office solutions and custom automation.


Whether desktop, laptop, terminal, pad or controller. From audio processing facilities to graphic workstations to embedded devices, scaling up to complete networks for your corporate office, store or production facility. We specialise in connecting to legacy systems.


Nodejs, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Python, Bash, BASIC, Pascal, etc.


HOLOS proton
ISO image
Burn to USB and DVD
Installer included
Free for non-commercial use
Debian 7.8 / XFCE 4.12 UI
Boots on 486 and up
HOLOS neutron
HOLOS USB installer
4GB / 2.5GB used by system
Installer included
486 computers and up
XFCE 4.12 UI
Powered by Debian 7.8 GNU/Linux
HOLOS atom
HOLOS USB live stick
8GB / 2.5GB used by system
Installer included
686 computers and up
XFCE 4.12 UI
Powered by Debian 7.8 GNU/Linux

Good to know Coming soon
The software that makes up the HOLOS operating system is licensed under GNU GPL, BSD, MIT and other licenses. This means you can not sell the software but must give it to people for free. Since you receive the software for free, it also comes without any warranty. Read the GPL license to find out more. Once we have our torrent network up and running, we will make open source HOLOS apps and images available for download. Update: we have limited capability to start uploading free HOLOS images. Volunteers to help run the torrent network are welcome. Contact us for details.

What we do

software programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Bash, BASIC, Pascal, etc.)

system security (intrusion prevention, datastream encryption, virus detection, monitoring services)

information sharing (user education, practical workshops, professional development)

networking solutions (portals, websites, content management, collaboration tools, social media)

custom and embedded hardware (process automation, streaming media, point of sale)

legacy systems integration (windows, mac, dos, unix, amiga, z80, commodore, etc.)